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Our extensive knowledge allows us to evaluate and deliver DSEAR Surveys (ATEX) and risk assessments to help you comply with the DSEAR Regulations 2002 and the European Directive 1999/92/EC.

If you store your own fuel onsite it is recommended to have your refuelling facilities annually inspected by a certified technician to ensure that your system is in good and safe working order.

Regular checks will show that you are conducting your duty of care and complying with due diligence requirements. Any potential problems can be detected early and addressed to make sure you are in accordance with the latest regulations.

Since the EU CLP Regulation increased the flashpoint of flammable liquids, Diesel has been reclassified as a flammable and combustible fuel.
As a result, Diesel is now categorised as a potentially explosive substance and must be considered accordingly when conducting risk assessments, audits or inspections.

To comply with the DSEAR (ATEX) regulations employers must:

  • Undertake a DSEAR (UK) or ATEX (Europe) risk assessment of all operations involving potentially dangerous substances.
  • Take actions to eliminate or reduce the risks presented by dangerous substances.
  • Undertake a hazardous area classification or hazardous area zoning
  • Ensure correctly rated electrical and mechanical equipment is used within the hazardous areas or zones
  • Produce hazardous area zoning drawings showing where the dangerous substances produce the explosive atmosphere
  • Provide assessments and arrangements to deal with accidents and emergencies
  • Provide information and DSEAR (ATEX) training to employees
  • Identify pipes and containers where these contain dangerous substances
  • Co-ordinate explosion protection measures where employers share the same workplace

If not done so already, FuelQuip advises that these issues are addressed immediately.


The DSEAR Regulations complement the requirement to manage risks under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 as well as the guidelines already set out by the Environment Agency (EA) and DEFRA.

Failure to comply with these guidelines, requirements and regulations could result in prosecution, crippling fines and even imprisonment.

Ensure your company is completely compliant with all current and mandatory regulations
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All FuelQuip Engineers are trained to the highest standards, have undergone specific DSEAR training, and are registered OFTEC Technicians.

Upon completion of a DSEAR Site Inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report highlighting any risks or hazards that need to be addressed, outlining any improvements that need to be made.

As well as conducting a DSEAR assessment, our highly trained team of experts will inspect equipment, recommend the correct maintenance procedure, and help you work to eliminate any potential safety or environmental hazards.

With over 40 years experience in the petroleum industry, FuelQuip have the expertise to ensure that your maintenance obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the latest Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation.

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Fuelquip are:

  • SafeContractor Accredited
  • OFTEC Registered
  • Members of the APEA
  • Members of the P.E.I.M.F
  • DSEAR Trained
  • Trading for over 35 years

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