FuelQuip Fuel Management Plinth

The FuelQuip Fuel Management Plinth is the ideal solution for use on commercial fuel islands.

Encased in stainless steel, our Fuel Management Plinth is manufactured to the highest of standards and is a strong, superior unit that you can rely on to withstand the toughest of environments, all year round. Finished with an anti-corrosion treatment to guarantee the quality of our cabinet, it provides a solid, reliable and rugged solution for the commercial industry.

Also available in 316L Grade Stainless Steel, perfect for Harbours or Marinas to prevent corrosion.

Available with Automatic Mileage Capture technology option to transform, streamline and modernise your refuelling process.


Product Description

  • Real time or standalone operation
  • Multi-site option
  • Various identifier options
  • Manage up to 3000 vehicle & 3000 drivers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for data entry
  • Alarm trigger with email notification (For low fuel stock, pump block due to abnormal use, forced mileage and many more)
  • Cloud software accessible from any internet enabled device.

Fuel management options:

  • Real-time transactions
  • Vehicle/driver identity by code, proximity cards/keyfobs, or magnetic cards
  • Automatic vehicle identity recognition (ground loop)
  • Automatic mileage input performed directly from vehicles Digital tachograph driver card reader or from
  • Vehicle tracking device
  • Vandal-proof keypad
  • GPRS (web-based), GSM modem, Direct Wire, Ethernet, USB and radio link communcation options available
  • Tank gauge integration for live tank stock levels

Management software feature:

  • User-friendly, functional web interface accessible from any computer on the network
  • Management of fuel stocks with levels chart
  • Management of different types of users (groups, departments, subcontractors, customers etc.)
  • Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall
  • Management of anomolies with recording of maintenance history, stock states, variations in fuel consumptions, electrical shut down etc