FuelQuip launch new telematic software which communicates with cloud based software to capture 100% accurate vehicle mileage
Three FuelQuip Integral High Speed Pumps with a combined Fuel Management System

Fuel Management Systems from FuelQuip, Lancashire

  • Capable of controlling up to 10 pumps per terminal and offers real-time data transfer via true cloud based software.
  • Capable of controlling fuel pumps, gate access, vehicle wash and electrical vehicle charging over a single site, or multi-depot application.
  • The cloud based software removes the need for standalone PC software
  • Provides security, flexibility, and convenience when analysing your fuelling data.
  • Accessible from any internet enabled device (i.e Smart phone, tablet)
  • Multiple site control


  • Free Mobile App available for download
  • Real time or standalone operation
  • Multi-site option
  • Various identifier options (R.F.I.D Tags, Driver Pin codes, keyless system, fueller fobs, etc)
  • Manage up to 3000 vehicle & 3000 drivers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for data entry
  • Alarm trigger with email notification (For any faults)
  • Cloud based software accessible from any internet enabled device.

Management Software Feature

  • User-friendly, functional web interface accessible from any computer on the network.
  • Management of fuel stocks with levels chart.
  • Management of different types of users (groups, departments, subcontractors, customers etc.)
  • Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall.
  • Management of anomalies with recording of maintenance history, stock states, variations in fuel consumption, electrical shut down etc.

Fuel Management Options

  • Automatic mileage input performed directly from vehicles Digital tachograph driver card reader or from vehicle tracking device
  • Automatic vehicle identity recognition (ground loop)
  • Real-time transaction printing or ticket edition
  • Vehicle/driver identity by code, proximity cards/keyfobs, or magnetic cards
  • Vandal-proof keypad
  • GPRS (web-based), GSM modem, Direct Wire, Ethernet, USB and radio link communication options available
  • Tank gauge integration for live tank stock levels.
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