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FuelQuip engineers are registered OFTEC technicians, well-presented and strategically located throughout the UK to provide an on-time, rapid response to service and maintain your fuel system.

If you store your own oil onsite it is recommended to have your tank annually inspected by a certified OFTEC technician to ensure that your system is in good working order. Regular checks will show that you are conducting your duty of care and complying with due diligence requirements, highlight any potential problems and make sure you are in accordance with the latest regulations.

Our annual fuel system check is in accordance with OFTEC and PPG2 Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

Our highly trained team of experts can inspect your oil tank, recommend the correct maintenance procedure, and help you work to eliminate any potential safety or environmental hazards.

Upon completion of an OFTEC inspection, you will be provided with a full report detailing the tasks carried out and copies of all the necessary documentation to provide a full auditable summary of the project certification. This includes test certificates, or in the unfortunate event of equipment failure, we are able to present options for necessary remedial works.

To book an OFTEC inspection
call 0845 838 1048