The most efficient Real Time vehicle tracking & driver management solution

As well providing world class Fuel Management Software to hundreds of customers throughout the British Isles, FuelQuip also provide Real Time Data Telematic Software and Vehicle Trackers.  We are the UK’s leading Fleet & Fuel Management specialists, and have been providing the most advanced and reliable solutions to some of the largest fleets in Britain for nearly 20 years.


Telematic Fleet Management at a Glance:

Fleet status

– Positions
– History
– Zones
– Planning
– Distance
– Animation
– Analysis of driver working time

Vehicle Status

– Current speed
– Mileage
– Fuel levels
– Tachograph data
– Smart Analysis of driver working time
– Engine parameters
– Fuel consumption
– Device & GPS activity
– CAN indicators


– Route
– Fuel
– Daily distance
– Stops
– Tachograph data
– Eco-driving
– Ignition
– Zones
– Drivers working time / vehicle driving time
– fleet cross-sectional reports


– Real time traffic information
– Roadmap, satellite, hybrid
– Speed limits
– Advanced route planning
– Search on map

Forward plan the routes of each individual vehicle easily and effortlessly.

Our Telematics products are available with cutting edge technology, making managing a fleet of vehicles a painless experience. State of the art telematic tracking equipment and cameras show exactly where your vehicles are on the road in real-time to instantly provide a complete overview of your entire fleet’s location – Great for seeing which vehicles are in the area or are in close proximity to any calls / jobs that come in. Utilising Google Maps also provides the latest and most accurate data to track the status of your fleet; the live map features allows you to monitor the precise location and keep up to date with any traffic congestion or delays. This means you can provide customers with accurate delivery times and help to improve the efficiency of routes.
Our telematic software also provides information about speed limits or restrictions on the road, allowing fleet operators to plan journeys accordingly.

Monitor the location, movements and status of fleet vehicles for a complete business overview.


Not only do FuelQuip provide superior & advanced technology to monitor your fleet’s fuel usage, we also offer the technology to track your fleet as well. Combine the power of FuelQuip’s True Real Time Fuel Management with the functionality of our Real Time Telematic Fleet Tracking software for the ultimate Fleet Management programme package and achieve a complete business overview. Experience the benefit of Automatic Mileage Capture when installed with the AMC: 150 Fuel Management system and streamline the operation of your refuelling process by reducing driver input and capturing precise data to calculate the most accurate MPG of each vehicle.

Monitoring Driver Behaviour: The Key to a Safer, Efficient Fleet

We understand that a fleet of company vehicles is an expensive asset and that you want them to be used in an appropriate manner which prolongs longevity. Improving driver behaviour can actually reduce wear and rear on vehicles which can help maintain resale values.   Our advanced software enables Fleet Managers to monitor driver’s behaviour, including speeding (duration and speed), erratic braking and other significant indicators of potential problems. This information can help identify any areas that may need addressing which in turn can help minimise the possibility of any accidents occurring. Producing individual driver reports can help to identify who are the safest drivers and who could potentially be dangerous, allowing incentives or corrective measures to be issued accordingly.

Five areas of grading for drivers scoring system based on a detailed analysis of:

Driving Dynamics
Engine Work
Speed Limit Control

We don’t just track vehicles; we can track plant, machinery and even equipment.
Everything from road sweepers to articulated lorries, forklift trucks to cranes – if it’s capable of movement, it can be tracked!

On board telematic software & camera technology could potentially reduce your insurance premiums

In 2015, an announcement was made by several major insurance companies that they would now accept dash cam footage as evidence in the event of a claim. As a result, our dash cams send notifications of incidents and accidents directly to both the insurance claims team and fleet managers within minutes of them happening. This means that insurance claims are dealt with swiftly and effectively – no need to wait for footage to be retrieved or for witness statements to be confirmed.

By providing clear evidence of what happened in an accident, rather than relying on accounts from often shocked and stressed drivers and witnesses, camera footage can help insurers and police to simplify a claim.
Camera footage is also cracking down on the increasingly common practice of insurance fraud or “crash for cash” cases. For example, in which a driver deliberately brakes sharply, causing a shunt from behind, in order to claim for vehicle damage and injury.

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