FuelQuip Fuel Monitor Wall Box


  • Real time or standalone operation
  • Multi-site option
  • Various identifier options
  • Manage up to 3000 vehicle & 3000 drivers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for data entry
  • Alarm trigger with email notification (For low fuel stock, pump block due to abnormal use, forced mileage and many more)
  • Cloud software accessible from any internet enabled device.

Product Description

Fuel management options:

  • Real-time transaction printing or ticket edition
  • Vehicle/driver identity by code, proximity cards/keyfobs, or magnetic cards
  • Automatic vehicle identity recognition (ground loop)
  • Automatic mileage input performed directly from vehicles Digital tachograph driver card reader or from
  • vehicle tracking device
  • Vandalproof keypad
  • GPRS (web-based), GSM modem, Direct Wire, Ethernet, USB and radio link communcation options available
  • Tank gauge integration for live tank stock levels

Management software feature:

  • User-friendly, functional web interface accessible from any computer on the network
  • Management of fuel stocks with levels chart
  • Management of different types of users (groups, departments, subcontractors, customers etc.)
  • Management of maintenance actions with automatic recall
  • Management of anomolies with recording of maintenance history, stock states, variations in fuel consumptions, electrical shut down etc

Our fuel management wall boxes are finished with an anti-corrosion treatment which guarantees the quality of our cabinet