FuelQuip Retrofit Auditor GS

The FUELQUIP retrofit Auditor GS combines Merridales Auditor GS heavy duty commercial fuel pump with the GIR fuel management system, a genuine LIVE internet based fuel management system. This unit is capable of controlling up to 10 pumps per terminal and offers real-time data transfer.

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Product Description

Pump features:

  • Heavy duty Zintex steel enclosure
  • High-accuracy positive displacement metering
  • Air elimination through auto air vent
  • 3.0m hard wall hose and automatic nozzle
  • Break off coupling to avoid spillages
  • Emergency stop button to quickly isolate pump
  • Bright digital display with self-calibration
  • Customisable with various options to enhance system performance

Pump options:

  • 50, 70, 90, 120 and 150 Litres per minute versions available litres per minute flow rates
  • Twin pump version
  • Dual speed selection – for fuelling multiple vehicle types
  • Standard or premium hydraulics
  • Additional hose lengths – up to 30m
  • Front or side mounted nozzle
  • Dual displays – for island operation
  • Remote nozzle boot – to allow fuelling at remote location

Fuel management features:

  • Real time or standalone operation
  • Multiple communication mehtods (USB/Hardwire/Ethernet/Wireless/GSM/GPRS)
  • Multi-site option
  • Various identifier options (Driver/Vehicle/Department)
  • Manage up to 3000 vehicle & 3000 drivers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for data entry
  • Alarm trigger with email or sms notification (For low fuel stock, pump block due to 3 nul delivery,
  • forced mileage and many more)
  • Simple web interface accessible from any computer on the network

Fuel management options:

  • Real-time transaction printing
  • Vehicle/driver identity by code, proximity cards/keyfobs or magnetic cards
  • Automatic vehicle identity recognition
  • Automatic mileage input performed directly from vehicles digital tachograph driver card reader or
  • from vehicle tracking device
  • Vandal proof numeric keypad
  • Communication via GPRS (web-based), GSM modem, direct wire, Ethernet, USB and radio link communication options available
  • Tank gauge integration for live tank stock levels
  • CO2 Emmissions reporting