Fully Enclosed Steel Bunded Fuel Tanks

FuelQuip specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of fully enclosed bunded fuel storage tanks.


We can build a range of Steel Bunded Fuel Tanks for the storage of Diesel, Gas Oil, Bio-Diesel and Engine oil.
Our above ground tanks are easily transportable as a fully integrated one-piece unit, designed to fit into an exact space on site and can be fully operational within a few hours after installation and commissioned.


All our bunded tanks are available in different specifications, depending on your exact requirements.

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Product Description

Bunded fuel storage tanks minimize the risk of spillages and offer total security as they are the safest method of fuel storage on site.

A bunded fuel tank houses a primary tank within a fully enclosed secondary tank, known as the bund.

The major advantages of bunded tanks over single skin fuel tanks is that failure or overfill of the primary tank results in no spillage  onto the forecourt as it is safely contained within the bund.

If an overfill does occurs the fuel can be pumped back into the inner tank from the outer bund without contamination.

Bunded tanks must be used for any commercial fuel tank above 200L and any domestic fuel tanks above 3500L (as stipulated in the 2001 Control of Pollutions Act).

FuelQuip’s High specification range of bunded tanks come with :

  • Fill point connection with point label information.
  • Pipework connection to fuel pump.
  • Tank contents gauges
  • Electronic high / low level and bund alarm.
  • Cabinet light with PIR control.
  • Commercial fuel pump / monitor of your choice.
  • Consumer unit for isolation of individual electrical items.
  • Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) to prevent fuel spillage in case of drive off.
  • Full size security end cabinet with lockable roller shutter door.

Optional extras:

  • Hose reels
  • Split conpartments
  • Extra fuel pumps
  • Fuel Conditioner to combat Diesel Bug
  • FuelQuip TG3M independant Fuel theft alarm
  • Additional gauges can also be added.