ClickCease Tank Cleaning Services - Fuel Management Systems

Are your filters constantly blocked?
Is your fuel pump is running slower than normal?
Do you have dark, hazy or milky fuel with debris floating in it?
Does your fuel storage tank smell of rotten eggs?
Your tank could be contaminated with water and the Fuel Bug.

FuelQuip understands that having a fuel tank out of action for any length of time can have detrimental effects on business. That is why FuelQuip aim to make the process as smooth as possible to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum with minimal disruption caused to your operation.

Having an internal tank clean enables the level of contamination to be thoroughly assessed.  From here, the excess waste water and solidified fuel components, such as the black sludge and slime commonly associated with Diesel & Petrol Bug, can be removed. This provides the best environment to maximise results when adopting the FuelQuip FuelCare Fuel Maintenance Program to combat and control Fuel Bug contamination.

To ascertain that each project is completed efficiently and professionally, FuelQuip agents will ensure that all necessary documentation required by Health, Safety and Environmental legislation are provided prior to undertaking any work. This includes Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Tank Entry Permits.

Once completely cleaned, an internal visual inspection is conducted to check for any corrosion and to see if the plate is still fit for use.

Upon completion of a FuelQuip tank clean, you can be confident in the ability to refill your tank. You will be provided with a full report detailing the tasks carried out and copies of all the necessary documentation to provide a full auditable summary of the project certification.

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