ClickCease Site Decommissions - Fuel Management Systems

From the supply and installation of fuel management systems to a full site decommission, FuelQuip’s nationwide services satisfy customers throughout a variety of industries including transportation, mining, airports, farming and marinas.

The removal of an oil tank from a fuelling facility is known as a tank decommission.

Decommissioning a site covers a range of activities, from completely removing an underground or above ground fuel storage tank and any equipment that is attached to it, to replacing individual tanks or lengths of pipe work.

FuelQuip will ensure that your requirements are fully understood and that all necessary documentation required by Health and Safety and Environmental legislation.

This includes Risk Assessments and Method Statements which are provided prior to undertaking any work, as well as liaising with the appropriate Licensing Authority.

Once your tank(s) has been cleaned, FuelQuip will arrange for your tank to be lifted onto a suitably sized vehicle and transported off for disposal in accordance with current legislation.

On completion of the site decommission, a full report will be issued detailing the tasks carried out and contain all necessary documentation to provide a full auditable summary of the project.

FuelQuip aim to make the process as smooth as possible to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and minimal disruption is caused to your operation.

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