Pennine Tank Gauges & Spares

230V Pennine Fuel Tank Gauge

The Pennine Fuel Tank Gauge is a continuous reading, digital tank level monitoring device for use on tanks up to 4 metres high.
The Pennine fuel tank level gauge detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height using a flexible capillary which is inserted into the tank.
Once calibrated using the tank measurements, these fuel tank gauges illustrate the level reading either in mm, litres or percentage depending on the user’s preference.
There is also an alert function which can be set by the user to warn of possible high and low level statuses. These alerts trigger relays inside the Pennine which can be wired to a visual and audiable alarm to alert tanker driver of possible overfill of tank.
A RS232 output for connection to fuel management systems is available to give live tank gauging in the fuel management system software.
A 4-20ma model is also available for use with buiding management systems.

These fuel tank contents gauges are available in 230V and 110V
A 50m coil of tubing is available for longer tubing runs.
A version is also available specifically for the use with AdBlue or DEF as it is referred to in America, and there is a kit available to make the standard Pennine tank gauge compatible with oil.