Telemetry Wireless Tank Gauge

The ATEX Approved Wireless Telemetry Tank Gauge utilises a pressure level probe with remote link communications to provide tank level readings with an accuracy of greater than 99%
Greatly reduce the cost of installations; the unit requires no signal cable or mains power.It comes with an inbuilt power pack so there is no need for additional cabling.

The system is fully ATEX approved and has a built in GPS module to show current tank position on Google maps (excellent for any mobile or transportable units).

The systems are currently used by Shell and Flogas here in the UK and there are more than 1.5million units in use worldwide

Product Description


•Fits almost every tank type and size
•GPRS or SMS Communications
•Pressure level probe and sensor
•Alarm warnings and SMS / email notifications at refilling, low, critcal or rapid drop levels
•Wireless communication enabling fuel to be managed remotely
•Troubleshoot and change parameters remotely
•Robust and durable design for outdoor installations
•Easy installation
•Powered by long-life replaceable batteries with up to 5 years life expectancy (depending on transmission frequency)
•Zone 1 – ATEX Approved