Fuel Theft Alarm

FuelQuip Fuel Theft Alarm

The FuelQuip Theft Alarm is an accurate probe that measures the level and temperature of fuel in your tank.

It continuously checks for theft and leaks and works completely independant of any other tank gauge or monitoring system.

Do not confuse this system with overfill alarms, which are used to prevent the tank from being overfilled or low level alarms which are used to notify you or your supplier that the tank level is low and needs re-filling.
When the fuel tank level drops faster than normal, an alarm text message is sent to the owner’s mobile phone and as many email addresses as possible to alert of fuel theft or catastrophic leak. It can also trigger a remote sounder (by wireless) it can also be interfaced with existing intruder alarm systems.

Product Description

The fuelQuip Theft Alarm is a cost-effective solution for fuel suppliers, farms, fleet operators, building sites and generators
Very accurate tank fuel level reading. read every 3 mins for up to date fuel level information
Theft or catastrophic leak detection
Water detection is now a valuable feature, where the capacitive probe offers an early detection of increasing water level in the tank before it becomes a problem
No on site calibration required
Data output to a website via GSM
Alarms sent vis SMS and email
Industry standard mounting point
Easy fitting
Units can be cut to size on installation
Dual band
Roaming SIM (picks strongest available network at all times)
3 year battery life
IP68 PVCu enclosure
Consumption, level and temperature reporting
Estimation of fuel left in days (based on current consumption)
Weekly, monthly and yearly views
Carbon emissions report
Save – the daily levels are stored online, so you can monitor the fuel level.
Graphs of fuel used each day, current tank level and the anticipated out of fuel date can be seen.
Releax – the system is live 24/7. it will remind you when your fuel stocks are low so you can arrange a delivery
Easy – fitted in minutes with no wires, the probe is a watchdao that never sleeps.